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Kids Chest Protector


Racing can be a fantastic experience for a child. It can teach invaluable lessons on sportsmanship, responsibility, independence, and confidence. However, racing is also risky, and as a parent, your child's safety, health, and well-being are always your primary concern. At K1 Race Gear, we understand these concerns, and we offer a wide variety of children's racing gearto help ensure your son or daughter's safety while out on track. Ourchild chest protector is one of those items. Similar to a rib vest, our child chest protector helps provide an extra layer of protection around the chest to guard the ribs and vital organs from blunt force.

If your son or daughter races karts, don't let him or her go out onto the track without our child chest protector. To ensure your son or daughter's safety, you should take every precaution; this includes not only a helmet and race suit, but the proper shoes and gloves, a neck brace or neck collar, and a chest protector. When it comes to your son or daughter, after all, you can't take too many precautions!

Our K1 Child Chest Protector - A Rib Vest for Your Son or Daughter

We have thoroughly tested our K1 go-kart child chest protector, and have designed it to provide not only maximum protection, but comfort as well. Made from two layers of vacuum-formed polypropylene plastic, and featuring strong, heavy duty buckles, our child chest protector is lightweight, durable, and effective. Available for a variety of ages, it is perfect for all types of youth karting classes. The benefits of our child chest protector rib vest are numerous:

  • Strong, heavy duty buckles
  • Double-layer polypropylene
  • One size fits nearly all (5-12 years old)

One of the most important things that you can buy to protect your child is a chest protector. Your first priority should obviously be a helmet and neck collar, but it is vital that you protect your son or daughter's chest as well. After all, your son or daughter is much more vulnerable than an adult! Don't risk it order our child chest protector today and help ensure your child's safety.

Committed to Your Son or Daughter's Safety

At K1 Race Gear, we have everything that you need to start your son or daughter's racing career. In addition to our child chest protectors and rib vests, we also sell a variety of racing gear, including kids' go-karts and accessories. If your son or daughter wants to be the next Michael Schumacher or Danica Patrick, let us help. We are racers ourselves at K1 Race Gear; if you are new to the world of racing, we can provide you with invaluable insight and knowledge. Rest assured, we will provide you with everything needed to protect your child on the track, including helmets, neck braces, suits, shoes, and gloves. We have your needs met at K1 Race Gear.