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K1 Go Kart Cover


A go kart cover is a good investment if you race karts, as it can repel moisture and help keep your kart chassis clean and dust free. And the affordability of go kart covers makes it easy for racers of all budgets to purchase one for their kart, which is just one more reason why we think every kart racer should have one. If you are looking for a go kart cover, we have a good selection of K1 Race Gear covers, manufactured from high-quality double layer nylon fabric and available in red, blue or black, as well as brand specific covers for CRG Karts, Tony Kart, and Birel kart chassis.

We highly recommend a go kart cover if you store your kart in a dirty or humid location, as both elements can potentially cause damage to key components or cause issues that require additional maintenance. Our go kart covers are tear resistant, waterproof and specifically designed to fit your kart chassis, and we can wholeheartedly recommend them for all kart racers. To order a go kart cover, place your preferred cover in the shopping cart for quick and easy checkout or contact us for further assistance.

Go Kart Covers, Karting Equipment and More Available at K1 Race Gear At K1 Race Gear, we carry an extensive line of kart parts and karting equipment to meet your needs. In addition to high quality go kart covers, we also carry a variety of items to help improve the performance of your kart chassis, including MyChron 4 data loggers, Mojo tires, Rotax engines and Douglas Wheels, so that you can maximize your potential and chase that elusive fast lap. To ensure that you have the apparel that you need to stay safe and comfortable on the track, we carry kart suits, racing shoes, driving gloves, rib vests, racing helmets, and undergarments. We are dedicated to helping our customers at K1 Race Gear and we would be happy to assist you in ordering a go kart cover for your chassis.