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Versus Pit Crew Shoe


Upgrade your pit crew gear with the K1 Versus Nomex® Pit Crew Shoe. SFI 3.3/2024 certified for top-tier safety and performance. Race in confidence with these stylish and protective black pit crew shoes.

  • Manufacturer Certified to SFI 3.3/5: Ensure top-tier safety with these pit crew shoes, meeting the latest SFI certification standards for flame resistance.
  • Stylish and Protective: Designed in sleek black, these shoes not only provide safety but also make a stylish statement in the pit area.
  • Comfortable Fit: Stay comfortable throughout your demanding pit crew duties with a snug and comfortable fit designed for long hours on your feet.
  • Rugged Sole: The durable sole offers excellent traction and support, allowing you to move confidently and efficiently in the fast-paced motorsports environment.
  • Essential Gear: These pit crew shoes are a must-have addition to your racing attire, combining safety, style, and durability for top-notch performance.