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Pro Pit Mechanics Gloves


Mechanics Pro Pit Gloves

Our K1 Pro Pit Crew gloves have been designed with your needs in mind, and they make perfect mechanics gloves as well as everyday work gloves. Whether wrenching on your go-kart's chassis, on your car's engine, or in the machine shop for your race team, a good pair of gloves in invaluable. Whatever you end up using our K1 mechanics gloves for, we think you will find that they are a quality, durable product. They not only help protect your hands when working with machinery or sharp tools, but can provide you with better grip when you most need it too. And as many of us know all too well, the extra bit of padding in the glove can prove crucial when trying to break a bolt that has been sitting for years. Quite simply, the benefits of mechanic and work gloves are self-evident, especially if you are a mechanic or worker yourself. You don't need us to convince you of their merits.

You have a choice when you buy gloves and we think that you will find our K1 Pro Pit Crew gloves are competitively priced and well made. At K1 Race Gear, we design and manufacture our own products because we are racers ourselves. Every single product that we sell is one that we are proud of, and you can trust that we stand behind our mechanics gloves, just as we do all of our products. To order your pair today, use our order form or contact K1 Race Gear. Our K1 mechanic work gloves are available in sizes S-XL. The gloves feature the K1 logo on the back of the hand, as well as protective strips on the fingers, and have a Velcro strap around the opening so that they can be tightened around the wrists.

Auto Racing Products - Complete Your Toolbox

A pair of our K1 mechanics gloves is the perfect addition for your toolbox; in fact, you may just use our work gloves more than any other single tool that you have. That's not to say that they will complete your toolbox collection, however. If you race go-karts or race cars, we have an extensive collection of auto racing and karting products from which to choose. If you race go-karts, we have everything that you need under one roof, so to speak, either in stock or available to order. This includes kart chassis, kart engines,wheels and tires, and kart bodywork. Should you require racing-specific clothing or attire, we also sell:

  • Auto racing suits
  • Karting suits
  • Auto racing helmets
  • Karting helmets
  • Nomex gloves
  • Karting gloves
  • Head socks
  • Nomex shoes
  • HANS Devices
  • Nomex underwear
  • CoolMax underwear
  • Rib vests
  • And more!

  • Whether you are new to the sport of auto racing or have been competing for years, we are confident that we have what you are looking for. We sell a comprehensive selection of products because we realize that our customers have diverse needs. If you are looking to purchase new gear for the next racing season or need to replace gear that has worn out, we would be happy to work with you. Where should you start? Well, our K1 mechanic work gloves are a good first investment!