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Kart Racing Jacket


This karting jacket is designed for all forms of karting, from arrive-and-drive open practice days at your local go-kart track to dirt and asphalt oval racing. This specialized karting jacket is constructed from Cordura abrasion-resistant material, and features suede leather on the back, in the shoulders, and the back of the arms for added protection from heat, debris, and abrasion. The right-elbow area also includes additional padding for protection against inadvertent contact with a hot engine when sitting in the kart, allowing for better driver comfort. Also included to aid comfort, the jacket includes elastic gussets to give a full 360 degree range of motion, and a newly updated heavy duty zipper won't come undone on the track. All of these features have been incorporated into this design based on feedback from our customers, as well as our own demands for a karting jacket. As racers ourselves, we don't sell anything that we wouldn't be proud to use. You can buy this product with confidence, knowing that it has been designed not simply off of a template, but rather for karters, by karters.

K1 Karting Jacket Product Details

The K1 kart racing jacket is designed to meet the needs of both amateur and veteran karters. For that reason, we offer it in an extensive range of sizes, from 7XS to 3XL. We want children and adults to benefit from the many features that have been incorporated into the design. Among those features are:

  • Cordura outer-shell construction
  • Suede leather on back, shoulder, and back of the arm for added protection
  • Additional padding on right elbow against heat
  • Elastic gussets to give full range of motion
  • Heavy duty zipper

The heavy duty zipper and additional padding make our karting jacket comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to use for extended periods of time; for individuals who have not yet invested in a one-piece kart suit, it will suit all of your needs. The material is also thick and supportive, making the jacket ideal for dirt karters and oval racers who may have to deal with debris being thrown up by other karts. In addition to its convenience and comfort, our karting jacket also provides superb support and protection in the event of an accident. With Cordura abrasion-resistant fabric and leather padding throughout, including on the right elbow, the torso and arms are well-insulated from burn and abrasion injuries. Combined with the use of karting gloves, rib vest, helmet, shoes, and appropriate pants, you will be well protected while wearing our K1 kart racing jacket.

To place your order for our karting jacket, use our online shopping cart feature above. You can select your size (please reference our size chart in the image gallery) and quantity to complete your order. If you have any questions regarding this product, or any of the other karting items we sell at K1 Race Gear, please don't hesitate to contact our team members.