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    Custom Gloves


    Custom Racing Gloves

    K1 Race Gear is uniquely equipped to meet your needs if you are in the market for custom racing gloves. This is because at K1 Race Gear, we have the capability to design, produce, and deliver as few as one pair of gloves for your personal use or up to one hundred pairs (or more) for your race team or group. We manufacture our own racing and karting apparel, giving us complete control over design, fabrication, pricing, and quality standards. We are not dependent on third-party vendors; with our own manufacturing plants, we can design apparel that suits your exacting specifications and needs.

     If you are interested in procuring a pair of custom karting gloves for your upcoming season of competition or you need multiple pairs of custom racing gloves to reflect a new sponsor or match new team colors, let us help. We have a wealth of experience delivering custom orders to our customers, and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed in our product. To learn more about our custom racing gloves and karting gloves, we invite you to contact us today. At K1 Race Gear, we are dedicated to customer service and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    Introducing Our Custom Racing Gloves

    We design and manufacture both custom racing gloves and custom karting gloves at K1 Race Gear. We cater to karters and racecar drivers alike and strive to do everything that we can to meet their needs. When we manufacture gloves for auto racing purposes, we will utilize Nomex® material for added fire protection and FIA SFI certification. When designing custom gloves for kart racing, we can do so at a lower price, as no fire-resistant material is required.

     Whatever your needs may be, please let us help. In addition to producing one-off batches of custom karting gloves and racing gloves, we also produce limited-run productions of kart manufacturer-branded gloves, so that racers are able to better match their custom suits. Whether you race a Tony Kart, an Intrepid, or a CRG, we have the gloves that will match your kart!

     Features of our custom gloves: 

    • Custom Nomex® auto racing gloves are SFI approved (SFI 3.3 / 5)
    • Available in a multitude of sizes, from small to large (and beyond)
    • Can be ordered individually or in batches
    • Completely customizable – create your own design or choose an existing one
    • Comfortable, high-quality, affordable racing gloves

     The choice is clear. Order our custom karting gloves or racing gloves today. The next time you hit the track, you'll finally look the part!

    Ordering Your Gloves – It's Quick and Easy

    Choose one of our custom karting gloves or racing gloves from our gallery or download our design template and make your own. Once you have completed designing your gloves, simply fax us the form (760.268.0712). Additionally, you can have us design your custom racing gloves for you, based on your input. However, please note that if we design the gloves, there will be an additional $50 fee.

    • Custom Karting Gloves: $99
    • Custom Automotive Gloves: $149 

     Call to order your custom gloves today and complete your custom look!

    SFI SFI 3.3 / 5