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Sakamoto Tires 11x7.10-5 - Medium Compound


K1 RaceGear would like to introduce the latest in high performance rental karting tire for the indoor and outdoor arrive and drive rental market. The Sakamoto CCT tire uses a revolutionary new rubber compound that drastically improves grip performance without sacrificing the life span of the tire. Average difference in time is about 1/2 a second per lap compared to other popular rental brands such as the Raptor or the Duro tire! Below are the sizes and different kart applications the Sakamoto CCT tire works with. Many rental kart centers are already making the switch to the Sakamoto Tire with fantastic results, such as; all 13 K1 Speed centers (500 karts), Miramar Speed Circuit, Prokart indoor, F1 Outdoors, New Jersey Motorsports Park and many others. The Sakamoto CCT arrive and drive tire also works great with the Clone spec class outdoor karts as well.

  • The Sakamoto 10x4x5- This size is commonly used for the front tire on rental gas karts such as Sodikarts, Stratos karts, and Remo Karts.
  • The Sakamoto 11x6x5- This size is commonly used as both the front and rear tires for electric indoor karts.
  • The Sakamoto 11x7.1x5 This size is used as the Rear tire for gas karts such as Sodikart, Stratos kart, and Remo Karts.

We will soon be importing the Sakamoto RCT tires which are the softer racing compound. These are the perfect practice tire for competition outdoor karts.