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Junior Go Kart Neck Collar


Your child's safety is important, and as a parent, it is also your responsibility. At K1 Race Gear, we can provide you with the gear, tools, and equipment you need to help ensure your child's safety on the track including our child neck brace. While it's true that you have to take action to ensure your child's safety, that doesn't mean that your son or daughter shouldn't be able to experience adventure. With our safety gear, your son or daughter can participate in motorsport, learn valuable life lessons about how to win and lose graciously, and enjoy the many benefits of being part of a tight-knit community.

If your son or daughter races go-karts, our junior karting neck collar provides exactly what you're seeking. Affordable, durable, convenient, and designed for driver safety and comfort, our K1 Race Gear junior neck collar is a terrific option for young racers. Order one today and outfit your child with everything that he or she needs to stay safe on track.

Introducing Our K1 Junior Karting Neck Collar

We have developed our child neck brace with safety and comfort as our foremost considerations. SAFETY, because that is our junior neck collar's purpose, and COMFORT because safety equipment is only effective if it is actually being used. Uncomfortable safety equipment is the first thing that gets thrown into the truck bed on a hot or stifling day at the track. After all, an uncomfortable driver is a distracted driver, and a distracted driver is a slow and dangerous driver. We don't want you to be uncomfortable, distracted, or unsafe we want you to stay focused. For this reason, we have designed our K1 Race Gear junior neck collar to be as comfortable as possible.

If you have a son or daughter who races karts, give him or her the tools needed to succeed! Our K1 Race Gear child neck braces is just such a tool. It provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Protection for the neck and collar bones
  • Helps prevent over-extension of the neck in collisions, roll-overs, and accidents
  • Helps prevent over-compression of the neck in collisions, roll-overs, and accidents
  • Padding for additional comfort and safety on track
  • Velcro fastening for ease of use; put on and take off quickly
  • Machine-washable for ease of maintenance

What more do you need to hear? With a variety of child sizes and colors available, we're sure to have the junior neck collar that's right for your son or daughter. Order your child neck brace today!

Meeting All of Your Karting Needs Only At K1 Race Gear

At K1 Race Gear, we carry a wide variety of children's gear, including children's kart suits, children's go-karts, children's helmets, children's gloves, children's shoes, and children's rib vests. Rest assured, we have everything that your son or daughter may need to compete on the track and stay safe doing it. You can start with our child neck brace and then work your way down the checklist! Give your son or daughter an unfair advantage - equip them with K1 Race Gear children's gear.