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Ballistic Carbon Fiber Chest Protector


Elevate your safety on the track with the Ballistic Carbon Fiber Chest Protector—a crucial addition to the Ballistic line of rib protectors. Designed to safeguard a driver's chest and sternum during frontal impacts, this chest protection device seamlessly integrates with the Ballistic Rib Protector for comprehensive coverage. Engineered to complement the Ballistic Rib Protector's advanced layering structure, the Ballistic Chest Protector serves as a shock absorber upon impact. The outer layers, featuring carbon fiber, create a rigid exoskeleton, while an inner weaved fabric acts as a shock-absorbing pad against the body, ensuring optimal protection. Please note that this Ballistic chest protector is exclusively compatible with K1’s Ballistic Rib Protector. The special layering of composite materials provides dynamic shock absorption for your torso, enhancing your overall safety on the track. All protectors are meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. Elevate your racing experience with the Ballistic Carbon Fiber Chest Protector—a blend of Italian craftsmanship and advanced technology for uncompromised protection on the karting circuit.

  • 100% Precision Italian Engineering and Craftsmanship
  • Lightweight Impact Energy Attenuation for Optimal Protection
  • Constructed from State-of-the-Art High Tensile Strength Carbon Fiber
  • Seamlessly Integrates with the Ballistic Rib Protector for Maximum Protection (Sold Separately)
  • High Resiliency, Closed-Cell Foam for Superior Protection from Impacts
  • Rigged Exoskeleton and High Resiliency Shock Absorbing Padding for Torso Protection