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Posted on June 02 2017


You’re a teenager, with one year of racing experience, a K1 RaceGear sponsorship and a small budget. Clyde Knipp is a World of Outlaws driver who drives for Clyde Knipp Racing. Clyde is currently the youngest driver on the tour and was introduced to the world of motorsports at a young age when he attended the local race track in California, MO.

 “I’m excited for 2017, not only about racing, but growing my business and learning the financial and other responsibilities that come with running and managing a team”, says Knipp. In 2017, CKR is bringing on 2 crew members including Korte. “I am grateful and thank God every night for the opportunity I have to live out my dream, and I’m thankful for meeting Andy and for him giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to drive a sprint car as a career”.

If you’re Clyde Knipp Racing, you follow your dream and attempt a full season with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series. This is Dirt Life Episode 1.