The Perfect Lap by Patricio Jourdain eBook
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The Perfect Lap by Patricio Jourdain eBook

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I have spent countless hours and days helping my friends, clients, and family members improve their driving tactics, which, in turn, improves confidence as a driver and, ultimately, skill level. Inside this book you will find the secrets to being quick, to having excellent handling, impeccable style, and—my favorite—having fun.

Patricio Jourdain

Any individual can benefit from this e-book: large, small, male, female, amateur, or beginner. I designed this to work for everyone. Not only will this program work for all types of individuals, but it can also be accomplished by reading this at home. When it comes time to put your skills to the test, make sure to drop in to the nearest K1 Speed. Some of the results you may see by using this e-book are: improved mental knowledge, performance boost, an increase in driver awareness, and, of course, faster lap times. Everything in this e-book comes from years of research as well as hands-on experience with countless individuals. This was designed to show results. There is no doubt that if you apply yourself to this program both mentally and physically, you will see those great results! Includes coupons for $5.00 off at K1 Speed and a 10% off coupon for K1 RaceGear!
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