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TECHKEWL Hybrid Cooling Vest



TechKewl Hybrid Sport Vest

If you race karts, sports cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles, you know how important it is to stay cool. Heat can drain you of energy, affect your concentration, and in extreme cases, even cause illness. Our TechKewl hybrid sport vest can help prevent overheating. This cooling vest is affordable, simple, comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, reliable. It works guaranteed! And it works because it relies on no mechanical devices of any kind, like say a traditional cool suit does. There are no pumps; there are no water tubes; there are no mechanical fans built into the vest simply the basic principles of evaporation and phase change cooling at work and nothing more.

Don't hesitate any longer. Invest in your success today by investing in your comfort. Any distraction that can keep your focus away from the task at hand driving and competing is one that could not only prove the difference between winning and losing, but one that could prove dangerous as well. Eliminate those distractions don't hit the track again without the TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest.

The TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest - Best of Both Worlds

Racecars are hot places there is no A/C, you are likely wearing multiple layers of protective clothing, and the normal temperature insulation found in street cars has likely been removed to save weight, meaning that all of the heat from the engine and transmission is now making its way into the cabin. And driving a kart is no better; being directly exposed to sunlight, and racing mere inches from black asphalt, you can quickly find yourself in no pun intended  hot water! That is where the TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest comes in. It has been designed to keep you cool so that you can focus on what's important driving.

The TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest works based on two simple principles:

  • Phase Change Cooling The TechKewl cooling vest takes the principle of applying cold packs directly to the skin and improves upon it so that the concept is actually useful (as such a direct application of cold would actually cause a range of physiological damage to the skin and body). The TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest contains a special cooling material which freezes at 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Once frozen, this material will maintain its temperature for several hours, unlike a liquid which would quickly evaporate. And because it freezes at 58 degrees rather than 32 degrees, like water, it can be put in close proximity to the skin without causing damage. Simply throw your TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest in the freezer or refrigerator for 20-25 minutes, and you will enjoy 2-3 HOURS of cooling.
  • Evaporative Cooling Like the HyperKewl evaporative cooling vest, the TechKewl hybrid sport vest also provides evaporative cooling. Like the HyperKewl cooling vest, the TechKewl cooling vest can also be soaked in water. As this water evaporates, it will draw heat away from the body, helping you maintain body temperature. In effect, the vest is sweating for you so that you can maintain your bodily fluids and stay cool! Quite simply, it is an ingenious method of staying cool, fit, and alert.

Often the simplest solution is the best one that could not be more true for the TechKewl hybrid sport cooling vest. Order yours today and enjoy the many benefits.

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