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K1 Vented Nylon Helmet Bag


If you need a helmet bag, look no further! Our mesh nylon helmet bag is a fantastic choice for racers of all backgrounds, including karters, motorcyclists, and racecar drivers. It's affordable, attractive, durable, and effective. Constructed with mesh nylon, our K1 helmet bag breathes, allowing moisture and accompanying smells to evaporate and escape the bag. This unique design will keep your helmet fresh before and after your race, allowing you to race in comfort! Order your bag today!We assure you that you won't be disappointed!

Introducing Our K1 Mesh Nylon Helmet Bag

A helmet bag is something that every motorsports competitor should have, whether they're a hobbyist or a professional. Helmet bags are great not only for transporting your helmet to and from the track, but also for storing them while at home. Helmets are easily scratched, not to mention cumbersome to carry for long periods of time. Do you open the visor and hold it from the chin guard or do you try to grasp it from the base at the back? With a helmet bag, there's no need to awkwardly carry your helmet around all day.

Our K1 mesh nylon helmet bag makes a perfect addition to your gear kit for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ample Storage - With a primary compartment for your helmet, a secondary compartment for accessories (visor wipes, a tire pressure gauge, or gloves), and a mesh pouch on the outside of the bag that is perfect for storing small miscellaneous items, our K1 racing helmet bag allows you to carry a number of items to your next track day event.
  • Affordable Price - Put simply, helmet bags are hugely beneficial and the moment that you use yours, you'll see why it should be considered an essential piece of kit. But that doesn't mean that you should have to pay an arm and a leg for one. Available for only $19.95, we believe that our K1 mesh nylon helmet bag sells itself and that you hardly need convincing from us! Try it out!

If you would like to order our nylon mesh helmet bag, feel free to place this item in your shopping cart or contact us today for further assistance. We are dedicated to customer service at K1 Race Gear and would be happy to help you!

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At K1 Race Gear, we are dedicated to meeting all of a racer's needs in one place. Whether you race karts or cars, we have the gear and equipment that you need to stay competitive and safe. This includes racing helmets from a variety of reputable manufacturers, our own line of K1 Race Gear racing apparel, as well as karting suits, Nomex suits, and accessories. Whatever your needs may be, we can help ensure that you have what you need for the upcoming season. We invite you to contact us today if you have any questions regarding our products.