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    Nomex SFI 3.2A/5

    Nomex Suit, Gloves, Shoes and Balaclavas – SFI Certified Race Apparel
    If you need a Nomex suit, Nomex gloves, shoes or a fire-resistant balaclava head sock, we can help! At K1 Race Gear, we carry a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers, and we understand that SFI-approved race apparel is an important and oftentimes mandatory safety item for auto racing competitors. If you are involved in auto racing, we will do what we can to help ensure you have the gear that you need to be competitive on the track and stay safe in the event of an accident. Please don't hesitate to contact us today if you would like further assistance with an order or have questions about our Nomex suit or gloves!

    Offering Nomex Race Apparel, Including Suits and Gloves

    Our line of Nomex clothes is designed to meet real world needs, and includes our Nomex auto racing suit, extensive line of Nomex gloves – such as our Pro-X racing gloves and K1 Super Pro driving gloves – and Nomex balaclava head socks. If you race sports cars, drag cars, sprint or midget cars, or stock cars, then we highly recommend you invest in our Nomex suit, gloves and race apparel. We've designed our products to meet the highest quality standards at extremely competitive prices, and believe that our offerings are simply some of the best in the industry. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in our SFI-approved Nomex race gear!

    We serve not only the karting community at K1 Race Gear, but auto racing enthusiasts as well, and we would be pleased to offer assistance if you need SFI-certified race gear – including a Nomex suit or Nomex gloves – for an upcoming season of competition or to replace worn out items. We are pleased to offer SFI-certified Nomex race apparel at K1 Race Gear because we are committed to safety, and SFI-certified Nomex provides some of the best protection against fire in the industry. If you're interested in pursuing a semi-professional or professional racing career, you'll need SFI Nomex race gear!

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