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Ryan Norberg ROK International 2014K1 RaceGear driver, Ryan Norberg, had an amazing weekend at the ROK Cup International Final in Lonato, Italy. This was Norberg’s first ever race competing out of the United States of America, and it was an impressive run for the American.

It did not take Norberg a long time to adjust to the new European circuit and driving styles. In only four sessions on the track, Ryan was only .4 tenths of a second of off the fastest lap. Norberg knew he would be able to compete with the leaders with a couple more chassis adjustments. After Norberg’s last session of practice, he said, “I love driving on South Garda’s karting track.  The driving style here is completely different than what I am used to back in the States. I am loving the new challenge of adjusting my driving style, and I am really looking forward to qualifying!”

Ryan was placed in the first group for qualifying. He qualified 13th in his group. After the second group had driven, Norberg was 21st overall only .18 tenths of off the pole setting lap. His fastest lap placed him 11th in group A for all of the heats. After qualifying Norberg stated, “I am not disappointed with my qualifying. The competition here is so close, and I am not that far off of the fastest lap. I know I have more time in my driving. I can’t wait for my first European heat race!”

In heat #1, Norberg had a great start, avoiding a pile up in the first corner. After Ryan passed two more drivers, he started closing in on the leaders. He finished heat #1 in 6th position. In Heat #2, Ryan again had a great start. Norberg quickly closed in on the leaders and started battling for position. After the dust settled, Norberg had won his first International heat. Norberg knew he had speed to win again, but in heat #3 he was involved in an incident in turn one. He could only manage to race back to fifth, while setting the fastest lap of the race. After an impressive three heats Norberg stated, “I am really looking forward to the pre-final. I know I have the speed to win, but I just need to stay out of trouble.”

After the points were calculated, Norberg was set to start pre-final B in the 3rd position. On the start, Norberg managed to move into the 2nd position. Unfortunately, he made contact with another driver, forcing him to slide off of the track. He fell back to the 7th position. By the checked flag Norberg was able to regain two positions and finish 5th.  Norberg was set to start the final race in 9th position. In the early laps of the race, Norberg was knocked off of the track and was hit multiple time. He fell all the way back to 21st place. With laps winding down, Norberg started setting fastest laps. He managed to race back into 16th. By the final lap, Norberg caught a group of seven karts and made one more pass before the checked flag. Ryan finished in 15th. After the final Norberg stated, “It is very disappointing knowing you had a chance to win, and having it slip out of your hands. Even though I did not finish where I wanted, it was still an amazing experience. I really want to thank K1 RaceGear, Andre Martins, ROK Cup USA, my mechanic, Armand Convers, Tony Kart, Razor Image, my parents, Team Felon, and everyone who was supporting back in the USA while I was overseas!” 

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Carlsbad, CA – K1 RaceGear the leader in custom safety apparel has now expanded into the data acquisition market. RaceCloud and K1 RaceGear have come to an agreement that K1 RaceGear is the exclusive North American importer for Canada, Unites States, and Mexico.

RaceCloud is a new high tech data acquisition system that includes live telemetry, similar to the systems used by the top levels of auto racing. With this announcement K1 RaceGear has expanded from safety apparel to the data acquisition market. “Being the North American importer of RaceCloud is a natural progression of K1 RaceGear as we further expand to meet the needs and service the karting community.” Said Richard Zimmermann, General Manager of K1 RaceGear. 

RaceCloud is a unique system that includes split times or sector times much like in Formula 1. The data from the kart is computed and transferred via the RaceCloud over the 3G or 4G, network or using WiFi. The information is then streamed wirelessly to your iPad. The system provides drivers and tuners with the most powerful tools on the market to better the driver’s skills and karts handling, as well as educate the drivers and tuners with the use telemetry before moving up the racing latter. The telemetry saves time as the tuner can see what the kart and driver are doing on the track and determine the changes before the end of the session.

“We have had an overwhelming amount of interest in RaceCloud. People are asking if the system is legal for different series and I can say yes it is. Simply disconnect the telemetry for official track sessions and the display will show a message showing this. For non-official sessions or test days we encourage the use of the telemetry.” Continued Richard.

K1 RaceGear is offering a pre-order special for 10% off the RaceCloud system. Normally $1099 but now $989 until the end of November. The units are selling fast so make sure you are one of the first to have this new high tech system.

For more information or to order your RaceCloud visit K1 RaceGear at or contact us via email at or You may also call 760-268-0710 or 1-888-514-3277

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ROK Cup USA FinalK1 Racegear driver, Ryan Norberg had an amazing weekend at the ROK Cup USA Final. Through-out practice, Norberg consistently posted fastest lap. In the final practice session, Ryan tested a chassis adjustment, causing Norberg to miss the fastest lap by .1 tenths of a second.

Norberg felt very confident leading into qualifying. Right before leaving the pits, Ryan decided to raise the tire pressure. Unfortunately, this cause Ryan to lose the pole position by .05 hundredths of a second. After Norberg’s qualifying session he stated, “It was disappointing not getting the pole position, but I know I have the speed to contend for the win.”

On the start of the first heat, Norberg was shoved wide and lost two position. One by one, Norberg passed each driver back and won the first heat. On the start of the second heat, Ryan only lost one position. He again worked his way back into the lead and won the second heat. Norberg did not lose any positions, and again won the third heat. These three wins gave Ryan the pole position for the pre-final.

Norberg and mechanic decided to try a new strategy, and put on new tires for the pre-final, while his competition waited until the final. Norberg again won the pre-final by 2 seconds. In the final, Norberg had a great start, getting an early lead. Unfortunately, Norberg severely lacked grip because of the tire strategy. Ryan fought every lap of the race. In the final lap, Norberg and second place swapped position many time, but when the checkered was thrown Norberg had the lead and won the race. After the race was over Norberg and second place were disqualified for an incorrect inner pilot jet in the carburetor.

Norberg finished third in the championship. This finish granted him a ticket to race on Team USA in the ROK Cup International Final on October, 18th. Ryan would like to thank his parents, Ocala Gran Prix, Razor Image, Andre Martin, and K1 Race Gear.

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Rotax Grand Finals LogoCarlsbad, CA – K1 RaceGear, considered one of the industry’s top custom safety apparel companies, is now the official safety gear supplier for the 2014 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF). K1 RaceGear will offer three different packages to the 288 drivers and their teams for the more than 50 countries competing in this year’s RMCGF.

In years passed, the packages consisted of custom suits, stock gloves, a shirt, and a hat. K1 RaceGear wanted to do something special by offering three packages with a variety of products. “We wanted to add more value to the drivers and teams and make it more about them and their sponsors,” commented Richard Zimmermann, manager of K1 RaceGear. “Once we presented the packages to BRP for the RMCGF, they instantly liked the idea.” BRP’s supervisor for Rotax Kart Engines Helmut Voglsamstated “As organizer of an international event like the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals we think it is important to give new partners the opportunity to present their products and services to a broad audience and the RMCGF is a perfect platform.”

Along with the custom suits, in which there will be four different designs to choose from, custom gloves and balaclavas to match the suit will be included along with the popular K1 Pilot shoe. This will be included for all packages. “We decided to go beyond the driver and include products for the team members and mechanics, so we added team jackets and shirts that will be customized to match the suit designs. It is Spain in November, so the temperature can get a little chilly,” Zimmermann added. The suits have also been designed to maximize the space on the front and back in order to better promote the country and sponsors for each team.

Going into its fourth year of its relationship with Team USA, K1 RaceGear will again produce the safety apparel for the team, as well as producing the safety apparel for Team Mexico for the second year running. With the announcement of the official supplier for the Grand Finals, K1 RaceGear makes a major step into the European karting scene.

About the Rotax MAX Challenge

The Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) is a professional kart racing series established, owned and organized by BRP and its Rotax kart engine distributors. For more information please visit


About K1 RaceGear

K1 RaceGear was born in 2003 with the philosophy of offering cost affective, yet high end, products and friendly time sensitive service to our customers.  Its product line features racing shoes, suits, driving gloves, helmets, and more - to racers of all ages. With a worldwide dealer network, finding K1 RaceGear products is simple and convenient. For more information please visit K1 RaceGear at or contact us via email at or you may also call 760-268-0710 or 1-888-514-3277

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  Ryan Norberg had a great weekend at the Coldstone Creamery Rotax Grand Nationals!

            Four weeks ago, Ryan Norberg and mechanic, Robert Bujdoso, tackled the challenging karting course of Miller Motorsports Park.  Norberg’s week did not start the way he had planned. Throughout practice, Norberg and Bujdoso could not find the setup for the Ocala Gran Prix Tony Kart. By the last session of Thursday’s practice, Ryan was .90 of a second of the fastest time.

            Unfortunately, Norberg was placed in the slow group for qualifying. This put him at a huge disadvantage for qualifying. Because of the slower traffic, Ryan was not able to get a clean lap and qualified 18th. Norberg was set to start the three heats in 9th position.

            In heat 1, Norberg held his starting position in the first lap. Ryan was able to move up in position and finish in the 2nd position. In heat 2, Ryan was spun out in front of the whole field, and was involved in a wreck. He fell all the way back to the 24th position, but Norberg did not give up. He drove into the 13th position and set fast lap of the race. In heat 3, Norberg drove into the 2nd position and, once again, set fastest lap of the race but was later penalized for unvoidable contact and finished 7th. After the points were added up, Norberg was set to start the pre-final in 11th position.

            On the start, Norberg was pushed wide and lost three positions. He drove into the 7th position by lap eight. There was a 1.5 second gap between Ryan and 6th positions. Norberg closed the gap and on the last lap made the pass for 6th. Ryan, again set the fastest lap of the race. On the start of the final, Norberg held the outside for the first corner. He moved up two positions but was pushed off of the racing line and fell back to 7th. Norberg then moved back into the 6th position and set fastest lap. By the half-way point, Norberg had passed 5th and made the pass for the 4th. Ryan started closing on the 2nd and 3rd place drivers. With five to go, Norberg passed 3rd place in the last corner. Ryan caught 2nd position on the last lap. He dove to the inside in turn two and made the pass for the final transfer spot for Team USA.

            Ryan would like to thank Robert Bujdoso, Mike Speed, Victor Norberg, Waterline Pools, Ocala Gran Prix, Razor Image, and K1 Racegear!

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